We’ve now passed the half way point in 2017 – a scary thought! How are you to reaching your targets for this year?

We work with dozens of business owners each with their own varying degrees of success, but I can tell you for certain the most successful businesses we work with have clearly defined goals, objectives and targets. They also monitor progress every month.

This is something we’ve learned along the way: most business owners that do set goals and targets are often poor in following through. It’s my belief the key reason for this – and a lack of achievement – is very little monitoring and measuring.

There’s little use in setting goals if you only review them once a year or even two or three times a year.

Each and every month you need to:

  • Review your goals, objectives and targets
  • Monitor if you’re ‘on target’ or ‘off target’
    In fact, there’s a very good reason to monitor twice a month – once mid-month and then again at the end. If you leave your monitoring until the end of the month you have no way of meeting the monthly target, but midway through you can do many things to get on target by the end of the month.
  • Make changes
    After monitoring progress you can then alter, amend or scale up your tasks and activities to make sure you get back on target. If it’s a prosperous month take advantage of the over-achievement to blow your targets out of the water

With this level of monitoring you’re much more likely to achieve the targets you set your business on one condition: implementation.

To achieve any of your goals, objectives and targets, implementation and follow-through is key. Sometimes you can get lucky and when a business has momentum this can continue for some time, but it’s never worth the (foolish) risk of inactivity.

As a general rule you’ve either got to do more or change what you’re doing if you want to improve performance. Doing the same thing won’t change anything. It really is that simple.

And we know that change is uncomfortable, but ultimately the question I often ask clients is: How badly do you want it?