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John Marks
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As a person who runs a company that offers this service to business you may think that I am somewhat biased in my views, and you would be forgiven if you thought that any minute now I’m going to start waxing lyrical and extolling the virtues of our telemarketing services.

Well, not exactly.

The truth is that I hate the traditional notion of telemarketing because traditional telemarketing is awful. If you think ‘rigidly scripted, fast talking, not letting the other person get a word in edge-ways, badly targeted, hard, rude selling’ that’s what I consider to be telemarketing… and one of the biggest issues we face when working with SME’s is fighting the ‘telemarketing’ stigma.

So for anyone considering making some calls to potential customers, allow me to make a few suggestions to hopefully make this venture more successful and fulfilling for you:

  1. As with any marketing, start with the view of the prospect. Make sure that what you are offering really fits the company you are trying to reach out to. We need to work out how what we are offering might fit the prospect, and what benefits they can expect to achieve from your product or service. It’s no good starting out with ‘My product or service is fantastic, every business needs this’, without thinking it through properly. Also don’t be upset if the decision maker does not want to talk to you, even if they come across as rude. After all, by calling you are interrupting their work day to an extent, you never know what they are going through when that call comes to them, and only a small percentage of prospects will be ready to see or hear from you at any given time. Stay professional at all times and never ‘bite back’… next time they may talk to you.
  2. Think of this exercise not as telemarketing, but as having an intelligent conversation with a prospect and showcasing whatever the potential is to make a positive impact on the prospect’s business.
  3. Make enough calls. It’s too easy to make half a dozen calls that don’t have a positive output, then get disheartened and decide that the filing really needs doing right now. Here’s a tip. Decide how many calls you are going to make at the start and make them. Quite often (and I don’t know why this is), just when you think that this type of calling is a waste of time but you’re pushing through anyway, that’s when you book two, or three appointments on the bounce. It really does happen… you just need to make enough calls.

So is telemarketing dead?

If you are talking about traditional telemarketing as described above… absolutely. The cold, hard sell just doesn’t work anymore. But in this modern age of having hundreds of emails and social media posts constantly being poured over your face every day, is calling a prospect that you can help and introducing yourself to them dead?… absolutely not… In fact because so much marketing has been shifted to email and social media, reaching out to a human being by phone is thriving again.

Today is a great day to make that call, and someday is not a day of the week. Perhaps if you schedule a couple of hours to find some prospects that you know you can help, make the calls, stay positive, and keep going, you may be surprised with the result.


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