A company, Casio Services Ltd (CSL), had been registered with Companies House since June 2016, and after that confirmation by Companies House the directors would no doubt have felt that they could trade with the registered company name with no restriction.

Unfortunately, Casio Electronics Co Limited (CECL) – a previously registered business – disagreed.

CECL were not happy with CSL’s use of the Casio name and applied to the Company Names Tribunal to request CSL to change its name under the provisions of section 69 of the Companies Act 2006:

“…it is sufficiently similar to such a name that its use in the United Kingdom would be likely to mislead by suggesting a connection between the company and the applicant.”

After a number of attempts were made by the Company Names Adjudicator to contact CSL, they did not received any contest the name change application and as a result CSL were issued with an order requiring them to do just that: change their company name within one month of being notified of the Company Name Adjudicator’s decision.

This case is a salutary reminder that registration of a company name at Companies House does not give you exclusive rights to ongoing use of that name if a company previously registered feels that your name is like its own and would allow you to pass off your businesses as associated with it in some way.

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